Our Vision

LC Surf puts the science to work.


The surfboard represents the American spirit of adventure, freedom, and craftsmanship. We believe at Lost Coast that there are still secrets left to uncover about how design and technology can influence the surfer's experience. 

OUr Mission

is to Enhance Surfers

Capabilities with our equipment, and

Through our data

expand surfers possibilities


Lost Coast Surf Tech is changing the way surfboard and surfer interact with each other and the ocean.



LC Signature.png

Shaun Wixted
Co-Founder, Aerospace Engineer


We are Lost coast surf


Based out of San Luis Obispo, Lost Coast Surf Tech is producing cutting edge analysis on hydrodynamics, revolutionary designs, integrated aerospace composite board structures, and the world's first tech prototype surfboard fin.


CoFounder / Brandon Baldovin
CoFounder / Shaun Wixted

Chief Engineer / Tynan Guerra 


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Lost Coast Surf in Cal Poly's Engineering Advantage magazine.